Place Attachment:

Is the emotional bond between person and place, and is a main concept in environmental psychology.

The number of as per recent studies may amounts to 4000 to 5000 only, taking into consideration that the number of the cities all over the world may be in the same range.

Almost all the time, there is a very strong emotional link between a person and his/her city name.

Once got noticed by someone as a web address, directly it creates enough curiosity to be visited and at the same time it gives hidden credibility and appreciation for the Owner and his contents, which will be verified once the website is visited but the first feelings and Impression about the Contents is what most Advertising, Marketing and Public Relationship agencies are dreaming to have.

Some of the interested parties would be:

                1. Governmental Agencies
                2. Organizations (nonprofit, non-Governmental  …etc.)
                3. Political Parties
                4. Newspapers agencies and Publication groups
                5. Marketing / Public relations Agencies
                6. E-Commerce Companies
                7. Tourism Companies or Tourism Industry Directory
                8. National Icon individual’s online profile
                9. Royal level gift

Imagine you receive an email from: